Register Your Interest in the Ford Road Affordable Homes:


If you are interested in applying for one of the affordable homes, you need to register your interest with Arun District Council.


Note: If you are interested in both Social Rent and Shared Ownership you need to complete a separate e-form for each.


Soical Rent:

  • Register through Arun DC ‘e-form’ to check eligibility under ACLT’s Local Lettings Policy

  • ALSO – in addition, as well, register on Arun’s main Housing Register.

  • Once ADC get a successful e-form for social rent, they add you to a list of all ACLT applicants and send you a letter, which reminds you to apply to the Arun Housing Register.  They will also ask you to provide some documentation, if you are not already on the housing register

  • If you are not eligible due to household income being too high, try again in a few weeks/months as Financial Thresholds will be up in April (it may take a few weeks/months to update process with ADC so probably worth making contact ACLT if you are in this situation)


Shared ownership:

  • For more information look at Aster's Shared Ownership page.

  • Register through Arun DC ‘e-form’ to check eligibility under ACLT’s Local Lettings Policy.

  • Currently, ADC are not acknowledging registrations for shared ownership. So we suggest that you keep a record of the date you completed your registration, together with evidence (e.g. screen shot of final page of e-form and save in way which shows the date.


We hope you find the form straight-forward, but do let us know if you encounter any issues and we will do what we can to help.