Housing Needs Survey 2020


The Arundel Community Land Trust, with financial support from Arundel Town Council commissioned an independent Housing Needs Survey to determine the extent and nature of affordable housing need in the parish.  Copies of the survey were distributed to every household in Arundel at the end of February 2020 and returned during March/April. The survey was conducted by Action in Rural Sussex, an independent organisation that works to support rural communities across East and West Sussex.


Thank you to the 305 residents who responded.  This represents a 16% response rate which is reasonable for a survey of this nature and similar to the response to the previous Arundel survey in 2012.  


There has been a significant increase in the number of those in need living with parents, and consequently an increase in the need for housing arising from those seeking independent living and the need for smaller homes.  House prices increased between the surveys by about 9%, private rents of properties available at the time of the survey for one and two bedroom properties increased by over 30%.  Average incomes increased by 18%. 


There has been a significant decrease in the number of people with an affordable housing need being registered on a list with either the local authority of a housing association.


The survey identified 35 households as being in need of affordable housing.  This was on the basis that their current housing does not meet their requirements, they cannot afford to either purchase or rent a suitable market property that meets their current requirements (based on bedrooms required) and they have an appropriate local connection to Arundel (live in parish, have relatives in parish, have previously lived in parish, links via employment)


Read/download the full 2020 Arundel Parish Housing Needs Survey report.


Support for affordable housing


The number of people supporting a small development of affordable housing specifically for local people if there is proven need has increased from 61% to 84% in the years since 2012.  This reflects the increasing market and economic pressures evident in the Survey results, alongside pressure from developers such as Renaissance Homes wanting to use our scarce land in Arundel for other types of housing.  The post-Covid economy and housing market conditions will surely accentuate these trends.


What next?


The Survey results will inform the CLT’s  work with our Registered Housing Provider and Arundel District Council to develop a Local Lettings Policy for the housing development off Ford Road.  The CLT will also do everything we can to influence other housing developments where there is a national or local requirement to provide affordable housing or developers are open to providing truly affordable options.


The results also provide important information about the housing needs of people with local connections not eligible for affordable housing which we hope will be of interest to developers of any new homes in Arundel. 


We are very interested to understand more about the 50 households where a member of the family has left Arundel in the last few years due to difficulty in finding an affordable home locally.  If you know people in this position, please contact the CLT at info@arundelclt.org or via our website so we can follow up with you.



Do contact Arundel CLT if you have any questions on the Arundel Housing Needs Survey.