Members Newsletter - February 2022

Dear CLT member


Significant Milestones Achieved


Arundel CLT was set up to manage the delivery of truly affordable homes for local people following the Neighbourhood Plan update in 2019.   Some significant milestones have been achieved in recent months, including the signing of a key agreement governing the public benefits from the development of the land of Ford Road. You can see the full February 2022 Press Release and more details about the Outline Planning Permission on the Ford Road Project page on our our website.


Local Connection Registration for Priority for Social Rent and Shared Ownership Homes


There will be 20 'socially' rented and 7 shared ownership homes in the development, with the rented homes at about 50% of market rates, rather than the 80% allowed to qualify as Affordable Housing.


Find out more about the allocations policy within our Local Lettings Policy on:



Arun District Council is getting ready to launch the e-form for people with Arundel connections to register their interest in the new Social Rent and Shared Ownership homes that will be built on the land off Ford Road.  We will publish a link to the e-form from our website.  Please encourage anyone needing help and assistance to complete their registration to contact the CLT at


New Public Access Open Space


We have begun to join up with others in the community who want to make sure the new public access open space on the site is biodiverse and for the whole community to enjoy, linked to existing paths, and really making these homes part of the community. 


Image above shows a site visit to Pocket Park on 11 February 2022 to liaise with stakeholders of that site.


See our Biodiversity Statement.


Detailed Design and ‘Reserved Matters’ Planning Permission.


The Norfolk Estate will develop the site as a ‘Joint Venture’ with a specialist housebuilder.  This will give the Estate control over the development and the on-going arrangements to maintain the estate and the open space.   The Estate has been open to engaging with the CLT and assured us that they will be working with partners with track record and commitment to work with the local community.


Growing CLT Membership


We continue to receive a slow trickle of new membership applications but there are many people in Arundel who could join.  A wide and diverse membership is a key to making sure the CLT is a truly community-led organisation, and to hold the directors to account. 


So, please encourage friends and family not yet members to join, visit our Get Involved page to find out more.


AGM Date and Call for Directors


This year’s AGM will be on 16 June.  Please ‘save the date’ now. 


We need to recruit a few more Directors so if this is of interest, don’t hesitate to get in touch as soon as possible.


Best wishes,

Darrell Gale, ACLT Chair